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In the App Store Now!

Guide Paulie Python through eight imaginative scrolling levels eating mice and avoiding obstacles; mastering each level by eating all the mice. Paulie grows in length with each mouse eaten and will lose his life if he collides with himself or the walls. While bouncing balls can earn Paulie points for each hit to his body, do not let them crash into Paulie's head or his life will be lost. All mice in the level return in the next life's play, but the length of Paulie's body remains the same as when he crashed. A bonus timer counts down from the beginning of each cleared level so the faster you clear a level, the more bonus points you will earn. The top five high scores are recorded. Tap the display to navigate Paulie around the level (up, down, left, right). A wrongly placed tap briefly illuminates a directional input control overlay for guidance. Tap the middle to pause the game; thus producing an overview of the whole level and indicating where the remaining mice and Paulie are currently located.

Directional input control overlay:

Paulie Python Navigational Controls Overlay


There are five Paulie Python lives for each game. Each mouse is worth 25 points. Each bounce off Paulie's body by a ball is worth 10 points. The bonus countdown begins at 5000 points.


Paulie Python Options

"Scheme of Things"

Choose how you want to play the eight levels:

"My Way!" prompts you to choose which level to play. Upon clearing your first chosen level, tap the level title to choose another level.
"Grand Tour" has you play each level in a preset order.
"Surprise Me" establishes the order in which the levels will be played randomly each time you start a new game.


You can choose Paulie's "Attitude" from a list of five: Garter Snake, Sidewinder, Diamondback, King Cobra and Black Mamba; each moves faster than the last.


Toggle the game sound effects On or Off


Toggle the background music On or Off

Screen Shots

Game Play - Level 1 "Portrait of a Python":

Paulie Python Level 1 Portrait of a Python

Game Play - Level 6 "I Love Mieces to Pieces!":

Paulie Python Level 6 I Love Mieces to Pieces